Nov 30, 2006

Suspicious Phone Calls Can Raise Questions

Many cheating spouses often get caught because of suspicious phone call activity.

It can be very difficult for a cheating spouse to connect with his or her lover without raising some questions.

In many cases, an unsuspecting husband or wife starts to become suspicious when:

  • too many calls from the same number suddenly appear on a phone bill
  • there are an unusual amount of hang-ups
  • there are too many late night, work-related calls
  • a spouse starts turning his or her cell phone off when at home
Several new services, however, now make it easier for cheating lovers to keep in touch with each other:
These phone service companies allow users to create a private phone number where messages can be left - making it possible to keep one's real phone number out of the hands of a lover.

I guess this just goes to show how technology constantly changes the ways in which people conduct their affairs.

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