Nov 21, 2006

Top Ten Signs of Cheating

People tend to be curious about the signs of a cheating spouse.

So, it may come as no surprise, that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of lists claiming to identify the warning signs of an unfaithful husband or wife.

So, rather than create another list, I'd thought I'd try to highlight a few of the lists that already exist.

In doing so, I've tried to come with a diverse set of lists. Some of them are based on practical experience, some come from professional investigators, and some are based on the psychology of cheating and infidelity.

But, no matter what list you use, it helps to keep the following in mind: These lists identify POTENTIAL cues of infidelity, not the real thing.

And it's all too easy to fall into the trap of letting your perceptions get the best of you. But, if your spouse is really cheating, a list of clues isn't going to help you solve that problem. If anything, reading these lists is only likely to make you more suspicious and less trusting.

Top Ten Lists of the Warning Signs of Cheating:

  1. Associated Content - 7 Signs of a Cheating Partner
  2. iVillage - 32 Signs of Emotional Cheating
  3. TruthAboutDeception.Com - An Interactive List of the Signs of Cheating
  4. - 5 Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse
  5. - 23 Telltale Signs of Infidelity
  6. AskMen.Com - 8 Signs that She's Cheating
  7. Investigator Bob Brown's - 14 Indicators of Infidelity
  8. Advanced Surveillance Group - 22 Signs of Cheating and Infidelity
  9. - 28 Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse
  10. True U Magazine - 7 Signs of a Cheating Partner

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