Dec 8, 2006

An Affair - Whose Obligation To Keep Quiet?

A court in the UK has granted a public figure a temporary right to privacy to prevent his adultery from being aired in public. The adulterer claims that public knowledge of his actions would harm his wife and children.

So, what starts out as a rather typical story of love and betrayal, suddenly takes a new twist. Two people cheat on their spouses. One of the aggrieved spouses, who wants to seek revenge by exposing the affair in public, is temporary prevented from doing so, in order to protect the other aggrieved spouse from suffering more harm.

In a nutshell, the complicated story goes something like this: You cheated with my wife and now I have to help keep it a secret because if your actions became public, it may hurt your own wife and children. And of course there is always another way of looking at this. You cheated with my wife and now I want to expose my own wife’s infidelity in order to cause your family harm.

What's worse? Someone who cheats or someone who wants to expose cheating out of spite?

The full story can be found here.

And here's a related story about a scorned wife who chose to expose her husband's affair on a billboard advertisement.


Anonymous said...

The billboard is good but the wider audience is the internet don't you think? But it warms my heart to see that kind of moxie!

Anonymous said...

What about the poor guy who was cheated on? It hurt his family!! What is good for the goose is good for the gander.