Dec 4, 2006


I love watching people.

And luckily for me, I'm not too bothered by hypocrisy. Because, after all, everyone is hypocrite (myself included), which makes people watching all the more entertaining.

I am often amused by how people have such a difficult time acknowledging the truth about what they are doing.

When I mention that I study deception, most people give the standard response - "I hate deception" or "I never lie." But, how people manage to say this without reflecting on their own behavior makes me wonder.

We are surrounded by deception. Deception takes on so many different shapes and forms that it's impossible to escape.

At its most basic level, animals engage in deception through the use of mimicry. Mimicry involves taking on the appearance of another in order to avoid punishment or seek rewards (also see, camouflage).

And there are many instances of the use of mimicry throughout the animal kingdom.

Mimicry always involves some type of deception because it consists of changing one's appearance away from what is true. In short, mimicry involves trying to take on the appearance of someone or something you are NOT.

And examples of human mimicry are abundant - from the use of cosmetics to create a more youthful appearance, to the wearing of fake watches, to the use of phony smiles to help people get their way.

If you look at life this way, much of what we do is designed to create a false impression - to mimic, fool and mislead.

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Anonymous said...

My boyfriend of a year created a fake myspace profile to try and catch me doing something wrong. I didn't, but I was irate he lied to me about it. I figured it out 4 months ago, but he denied it. Crazy part is, he is the one thats been suing the alias to message girls, etc. He says he did it becuase he's jealous. but he's the one thats always flirted with girls, etc. I've never been accused of that by him. I'm hurt, and dumped him, am I overraecting?