Jan 3, 2007

Resources on Lying and Deception

My favorite resources on the web for information about lying and deception.


Detecting Deception:

  • Psych Central - Article focusing on difficulty of detecting deception.
  • American Psychological Association - Article describes the nonverbal clues of deception and how difficult lying is to detect.
  • Human Face - Article provides an overview of the various ways to detect deception.
  • Science News - Article highlights problems involved in using nonverbal clues to detect deception.
  • FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (pdf) - Article discussing how to detect deception in the context of an interview or interrogation.
Benefits of Lying:
  • Forbes.com - Article highlighting the benefits of lying.
Ethics of Lying:

Websites on Lying and Deception

How to Lie:
  • How To Lie - Information on how to lie persuasively.
Deception in Romantic Relationships:
  • Truth About Deception - A detailed look at lying and deception in close relationships.
  • Love Fraud - A website for people who are romantically involved with a sociopath.
General Information about Lying and Deception:
Quotes on Lying:
Popular Culture:
  • Eyes for Lies - A "truth wizard" - a person with an unusual ability to detect deception - provides her insight on lying and current events.

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