Mar 22, 2007

Infidelity American Style

Is infidelity the end-of-the-road or just a bump-in-the-road for married couples?

According to an article posted on Msn, it all depends where you live.

Americans tend to be the most idealistic (unrealistic) when it comes to issues of love and romance, while the rest of the world tends to take a more lazie faire approach (get the pun?).

According to the article:

  • Russians treat infidelity as a benign vice - like cigars and scotch (scotch? I would have said vodka).
  • Japanese commercialize affairs through sex clubs.
  • The French prize discretion over fidelity.
It's a great article and it reinforces the idea that perhaps our expectations about love and romance have gotten out of line.

Anyway, a big thanks to my online friend, and fellow blogger, at Eyes for Lies for sending this one my way!

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