Mar 17, 2007

Too Much Infidelity?

It looks like 2007 is shaping up to be the "Year of Infidelity."

An article was just published in the Christian Science Monitor about how the upcoming Presidential Race will focus on family issues, including allegations of infidelity. A quote from the article:

"Journalists get very, very tired of hearing the issue speeches over and over again," says Bruce Gronbeck, a professor of communication studies at the University of Iowa. Covering candidates' divorces and marriages and children "fits into the great American political culture, where the personal is political."
Two new movies have just been released which have infidelity as underlying themes:
And Warner Brothers recently announced that they bought the movie rights for the following book:
  • The Infidelity Diet - a story about a couple of overweight husbands who go on a diet. The incentive? Whoever loses the most weight has his wife's permission to sleep with a prostitute. How charming.
Personally, I think the subject of infidelity is fascinating.

To me at least, the subject of infidelity reveals a lot about the complexity of our emotions, how we don't always understand our intentions, how people manage the tension between intimacy and individuality, how our beliefs do not always correspond to our behavior...

For someone like me, who studies relationships, infidelity provides a very unique opportunity to see how things work (see, Rules About Love).

I know most people don't approach the subject this way. Most people approach infidelity as the victim of it, which is anything but fascinating.

Given my interest in the topic as an academic, I don't know if I'm alone on this - but I don't want to spend my downtime watching political debates, or going to movies, or reading books where infidelity is the underlying theme...

Do people really want to spend their free time this way?


Edith said...

Just found your site.

I actually find "infidelity" exciting, stimulating and both physically and emotionally rewarding.

It works for both my husband and I (although he doesn't indulge).

My diary is at:

if you'd like to comment.

Best wishes - Edith

Eyes said...

Give me anything about human psychology day or night -- and I am glued to it! I love it, but then again, I know I'm odd LOL.

Give me sci-fi and I die of boredom. Real life is fascinating to me anytime, anywhere, any hour.

Anonymous said...

Politics is no different than infidelity to me- same game with interpersonal dynamics fueling the tension and power is the name of the game. I feel infidelity is about power and there is always a victim- whether willing or not since all parties do not get the same amount of fun out of it and there can be nasty consequences. Unless the marital arrangement is very flexible like edith's!