Apr 23, 2007

Great Article on Lying

The Guardian posted an article on lying over the weekend which contains a great quote about detecting deception:

"The results are clear. Liars are just as likely as truth-tellers to look you in the eye, they don't move their hands around nervously and they don't shift about in their seats (if anything, they are a little more static than truth-tellers). People fail to detect lies because they are basing their opinions on behaviours that are not actually associated with deception."
The entire article can be found here and it highlights many of the problems people encounter when trying to detect deception.


The Other Woman said...

This is a great article, definitely a lot of help, thanks for sharing. Was looking for all the wrong signs this whole time!

howtotellifsomeoneislying said...

Thank you for writing about it. It makes me so mad that not only gazillion websites talk about non-verbal signs of lying as a perfect way to tell if someone is lying, but even a published books, bestsellers, talk about not maintaining eye contact, or worse, touching one's face as a sure sign of deception. And people are believing it. I wonder, how many relationships got broken because of these so-called "signs". It's rather sad.

catch cheating spouse said...

Even in the best of circumstances, it can be difficult to know what to believe. Many couples struggle with their suspicions and concerns.

Dan said...

I never suspected that my significant other has a NEW significant other until I heard a lot people telling me about my husband and some other girl riding in his motorcycle.

I was able to confirm all my suspicions when her sister told me that I was right with that his brother has been cheating on me.

relationships advice

Anonymous said...

You CAN'T catch a cheating spouse. Only after the damage is done, and in hindsight, can you "kind of" put it all together. I think, at least it has been with my experience in seeing this in others' relationships, that we all want to believe the best--and that we hold out, out of sheer denial. Then comes the big letdown.

Cheating sucks. It includes lies, disrespect, deception, arrogance, and disregard for someone who continues to support the cheater while he or she is cheating until they find out. It is disgusting, and it steals the life of the one being cheated on.

People who cheat on others are disgusting and should be removed and made to pay the penalty for stealing from their spouses. Can they pay back the years, trust, youth, and hope? No, I think not. And the people who do it with them should go down in ashes along with them; you know, the ones who take the gifts, the praise, the adoration, the affection, the sex, when the other spouse is at home wondering where they are. They too, are thieves.