Oct 5, 2007

Interesting Blog on the Experience of Infidelity and Divorce

I ran across an interesting blog for women who are going through the experience of divorce.

The purpose of the blog, the divorce darlings, is to provide a creative outlet for anyone who has gone through, or is going through, or might go through the complicated experience that is divorce.

I think that reading the divorce darlings would also be useful for people who are going through the experience of getting engaged. Unfortunately, people who tend to idealize romance, love and marriage, often end up broken hearted.

Holding realistic expectations about relationships, tends to make them more bearable.


akakarma said...

Thanks- passed it on. Glad to see you back!

little darling said...

Thanks for the shout out to our blog! I've also enjoyed reading your blog, it is extremely insightful. I will definitely keep reading.