Oct 2, 2007

Words Can Wound...

A study reported in the New York Times today identifies some of the physical costs associated with fighting. While everyone knows that conflict can be emotionally draining and that it can take a toll on one’s relationship, researchers are beginning to identify some of the health issues involved.

Consistent with research on conflict in marriage – it’s not the topics discussed or the amount of conflict which causes the most problems. Most of the outcomes are tied to the way couples interact with each other while arguing. Hostility, criticism and defensiveness are the real culprits – leading to shorter lifespans and increased risk of heart disease.

Resolving conflict effectively requires learning how to express one’s feelings while also making sure that one’s partner feels understood. Some tips for communicating more effectively can be found here.

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TK Kerouac said...

So true,
but how do you teach an old dog new tricks?