Mar 26, 2008

False sense of security

Public scandals about infidelity undoubtedly lead many couples to discuss the importance of being faithful. For the most part, such discussions are designed to put a partner's mind at ease.

These conversations, however, can be somewhat problematic because partners, who cheat, often provide the exact same reassurances as spouses who are truly faithful - "I love you, I'm so glad were together, I would never cheat on you..."

A spouse who is willing to betray their partner's trust by cheating, is also willing to lie about it. Lying and cheating go hand-in-hand.

Getting some type of verbal reassurance feels good, but it both cheaters and faithful spouses provide it.

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Survived A. Cheater said...

This is so right. My husband would constantly reassure me that he was being faithful to me. I even woke up sometimes in the middle of the night with a nightmare that he was cheating on me. I would wake him up to tell him my nightmare. He would tell me to go back to sleep and not to worry because he would never cheat on me. Of course, he was lying! Yikes! It was very hard for me to believe that some people could be such liars! He hurt me so much, but instead of being sorry, he would laugh at my pain. Ouch!

Unknown said...

Absolute same story for me. I don't get what's so funny?

Anonymous said...

Same! Same story. I don't get what cheaters think is so funny