Mar 28, 2008

Honey, if you really loved me, you'd turn on your location-tracking

Cells phones are coming out with a new feature which will raise some problems for people in close relationships.

These cell phones have GPS tracking technology. With this technology, friends and family members can track each other’s movements on their cell phones.

From a Wall Street Journal article on these spy cells:

The most significant is that cellphone users who sign up can make their whereabouts available only to a network of friend who also buy the service. They can view each others’ location any time, with the proviso that users always can temporarily turn off location-tracking.
With this technology, there is no reason to ask a spouse “Are you still at work?” Just check your phone, it will show you where he or she is (or at least where his or her phone is).

I imagine that many spouses will not want to have their every movement tracked for a variety of reasons, including having an affair.

It should be interesting to see how these conversations play out among couples:
  • I let you track my movements, so why can’t I track yours?
  • If you don’t have anything to hide, why don’t you turn on your tracking-location feature?
Clearly, for some couples this issue will be a significant source of conflict and game-playing (getting two phones, one for location-tracking, which always forwards calls to your real location).


Susan said...

I agree with you completely. If someone knows they are being tracked it completely takes away it's usefulness. The cheating spouse could simply leave the phone somewhere which makes it useless. It is good for keeping track of kids though.

brizet said...

because kids cant do the same thing

Kelly said...

Contrary to the phrase "what one doen't know won't hurt them" can be discarded. The reality is that once the truth(and chance are that it will)gets out not just two people will be hurt, but family and many time friends as well.

ufonutter said...

It does not stop their, only someone will create a tracking device app, which will counteract the original tracker, and relay a signal back to the person who's snooping your location, of their choice and destination, of where they would wish there partner to think they might be.
It gets all rather silly in the real world in the end. It's best to be honest.

And up front and honest with whom it is you may consider your playing along. Really you eventually metaphorically speaking, have to have the bad tooth taken out eventually. Why leave it any longer, only pain is pain. Now" or later" is a choice that finishes either quicker" or makes one and others suffer longer. It's entirely up to you.

As they say what man can make. Then man can break. Forget that type of technology, dont complicate your life, be up front and take the bull by the horns. It's alot easier. If you don't trust someone then f--k them off. What's the point, and if your paranoid then go get help!

Take nature, she don't ask when you are going to die. She just takes you out! in a very matter of fact way.she can be long suffering, and give you a rough ride, but she is honest all the way along.
Her reality is brutal sometimes. But kinder then betrayal and suffering to another for longer time playing cat and mouse is not can do!

You have a dutiful built in computer greater then other material gadgets like the tracking advancements that are to come in this world, and the man made advances will never get near or surpass the advantages of good old fashioned honest, its superior advantages will never be outdone. Just for the record,and in this case for now use your own head. And be honest with another, it's a dam lot better and healthier and less lot complicated and costly.