Feb 25, 2011

Financial Infidelity

Another interesting article on financial infidelity.


Anonymous said...

Cheating is very complex and different from one marriage or relationship to the next. I am a surviving spouse of a husband who cheated. I had to dig deep inside myself and find out how I was going to improve and not focus too much on my husband. As a consequence he followed and we are happier today than ever. Sometimes a good marriage a partner has cheated as a cry for help. So much to deal with and so much pain unless cheating is okay for the couple then as I say there's no diagnosis if there's no problem. I just want all to know is take care of your health at that time of great stress.

cheating spouses said...

I have read the article and I couldn't agree more. This is so true that a lot of spouses are having financial infidelity with their better halves and this is so unfair. Some wives are being left with their husbands with questionable debts.

Mark said...

Financial infidelity is a difficult subject to discuss. I would recommend attaining some financial relationship advice next time you and your partner are worried.